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Bold, daring and impossible to ignore — welcome to the exciting new world of Destinee Lynn, an emerging hip-hop artist from the US currently making her mark on the global music scene. Her style is distinctly hard hitting, as she fuses rich story-driven bars to infectious rap rhythms. Destinee’s unique flows and outrageously original lyricism paint a raw, uncut picture of her own life journey. She’s fiercely independent with a relentless work ethic, making her one of the most fresh, iconic acts to emerge from the underground rap scene to date.Destinee Lynn is an emerging rap artist, singer, and songwriter originating from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This talented musician is set to make waves in the scene with her unparalleled sound and empowering style. Starting at the age of nine, Destinee Lynn fell in love with music and since then has cultivated her innate talent to what it is today. Through her emotion-filled vocal performances, Destinee radiates raw emotion through explosive instrumentation. Inspired by her life experiences and her daughter, Destinee Lynn strives to push the envelope with her sound and make a well-rounded, dynamic style.


Checkout My Playlist

  1. Tie The Knot Destinee Lynn 2:14
  2. Bae Destinee Lynn feat Rudy Bando 3:36
  3. Big Ole Freak Destinee Lynn 1:39
  4. Million Times Destinee Lynn 2:51
  5. Clout Destinee Lynn 1:57
  6. Act Up Destinee Lynn 1:59
  7. Miss It Destinee Lynn 3:06
  8. Side Bitch Destinee Lynn 3:12
  9. Goin Baddy Destinee Lynn 2:14
  10. Megatron Destinee Lynn 2:03
  11. Drip 4 Sale Destinee Lynn 2:16
  12. Bonnie n Clyde Destinee Lynn 2:05


  1. Fake Friends - Destinee Lynn 3:37
  2. Fallen- Destinee Lynn ft Dj Luke Nasty -Dirty 3:29
  3. Girlfriend - Destinee Lynn 3:14
  4. Lately - Destinee Lynn 3:33
  5. Mad Bitches - Destinee Lynn 3:19
  6. Money Talk 3:01
  7. All I Want 3:10
  8. Wake Me Up - Destinee Lynn 3:53
  9. Wanted - Destinee Lynn 2:59
  10. WYA (Where You At) - Destinee Lynn 3:02
  11. WYA-Remix-feat-DNA 3:06
  12. Yesterday - Destinee Lynn 3:26