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    Destinee Lynn | BAE ft. Rudyy Bando

    Destinee Lynn has a new single out, and she’s trying to move on the low in a new collaboration with Rudyy Bando, “Bae.” The song has plenty of pop single potential, with the classic he-said, she-said formula for a duet flipped into Lynn’s perspective followed by Bando. The beat hits hard, and both artists do exactly what their halves of the collaboration should do, providing contrasting perspectives on the song’s topic. While both artists have catalogs dating back a few years, “Bae” should help establish both even further within the city’s hip hop scene

    1. Bae Destinee Lynn feat Rudy Bando 3:36
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    Throw It | Destinee Lynn

    Each download goes towards reinvesting into my music career. Download “Throw It” exclusively here.

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    Tie The Knot

    If you expected a track called “Tie The Knot” to be about love and marriage, you’re about to be sorely mistaken. The latest track from Destinee Lynn brings the Milwaukee slap sound and a confident boss flow, with strong bars about getting down to business, whatever that may mean to you. Lynn isn’t afraid to step to the microphone, with a commanding presence in her verses that takes ownership of the track and just about anything in her way. It’s a strong effort, and stylistically falls in line with what we’ve seen from hip hop’s heavyweights in the past year or so. Check out “Tie The Knot” below:

    1. Tie The Knot Destinee Lynn 2:14
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