Destinee Lynn Mchenry is her government name; however, this beautiful songstress performs under the banner of "Destinee Lynn".

Destinee began grasping the euphoria of her listeners, early as 9 years of age.   Destinee is most known for her uncanning ability to formulate words and slay instrumentals with her lyrical assault.

Destinee began the early stages of her career as a r&b songtress. In the begining Destinee was like every artist in search of her true identity and untapped potential, just looking to find her voice and continue her growth and development of her craft. Destinee is on record stating " I am blessed for all the accolades I've accomplished in a diverse male dominate industry and I thank God everyday for blessing me with the assistance and support of close relatives & friends".

Destinee Lynn began to supplement her talent by adding rap to her repitoire in 2012, as it was at this time Destinee would start to transition from a youthful singer to a rap/r&b diva. Once Destinee made the decision to chase Destiny and broaden her horizons as an artist, she started to create songs which were gaining an array of attention with her growing fan base.