Destinee Lynn Mchenry is her government name; however, this beautiful songstress performs under the banner of "Destinee Lynn".

Destinee began grasping the euphoria of her listeners, early as 9 years of age.   Destinee is most known for her uncanning ability to formulate words and slay instrumentals with her lyrical assault.

Destinee began the early stages of her career as a r&b songtress. In the begining Destinee was like every artist in search of her true identity and untapped potential, just looking to find her voice and continue her growth and development of her craft. Destinee is on record stating " I am blessed for all the accolades I've accomplished in a diverse male dominate industry and I thank God everyday for blessing me with the assistance and support of close relatives & friends".

Destinee Lynn began to supplement her talent by adding rap to her repitoire in 2012, as it was at this time Destinee would start to transition from a youthful singer to a rap/r&b diva. Once Destinee made the decision to chase Destiny and broaden her horizons as an artist, she started to create songs which were gaining an array of attention with her growing fan base.

  • I Love To Sing❤️, I can't escape the melodies and the harmonies Through Out my music & you can still hear it In my music today.It's a major part of my journey because that's how it started. That's what I enjoyed the most. The r&b side is everything to me I was very talkative and outspoken, music always came so easy for me. 
  • 2013-Music had became alot easier for me after I had my daughter. I felt like I had something to prove. I felt like this is what make me happy. This is what's gonna work for Me. I began writing being more hands on with my music. Such As Studio & open mics. Working with other artist Even tho it was only me & I had no sense of direction I still stayed focus. I was doing almost anything I could think of .!! My own pictures my own songs. Setting up my own budget low budget videos. I created "fantasy Girl Musik #FGM An began to rep it as my own label as my own set. I had a vision an I wasn't stopping. I felt like I had more to come just stay focus. I was balancing MOMMii duties and ARTIST DUTIES. It was a lot but I stayed focus. I was so Infatuated with making Songs and writing new melodies I could never stop. Rapping for me honestly came From just the love of music. I never thought I'd have the attitude for it but I defiantly had the confidence. I never limit myself to anything I tried writing rap song and it was history since then. 

•2014/ Is When I began to Take my music a little bit harder Linking up w/ another artist by the name of "yung Legend" releasing my very first cd/Mixtape On ITunes Called FGM. Still staying consistent and focus. By now I'm preforming at every showcase in my city. An gaining a buzz, Going to the studio every other day. Working and doing features with other artist. Staying on the scenes. Meeting with the DJ's. promoting on all media sites. Opening up for various artist "yung Dro , juvenile, gorilla Zoe, Oj The Juice Man, juicy Jay, Yung Jeezy. "Just to name a few. Building FGM to the next Level. My personality was always Cheerful,an Focused on the dream. I'm always Taking and thinking about what's next. I always had that boss mentality. I'm not shy I'm not afraid to say what's on my mind. My music was everything to me I was getting more support by the end of 2014.

 •2015 Is When I Linked up With "Trae G" my management. Linking up with trae was a very important An key factor of my success. This is when I took Destinee lynn and we began To Work on A Higher level. Not only with the music but the look as Well. He began teaching me the music and the business and how to maintain a great career. Keeping me professional and Motivated. Releasing my 2nd project "TATTED" which was a different side of me tatted to me was the elevation of my mindset. It's not hard to see I have so many tattoos ☺️ and they all mean a lot to me.!!! "Tatted was my story" my voice finally being herd" tatted was released An made blog placement and gained alot of recognition throughout the city. Following the tatted music video and and DJ service packet which allowed more DJ's and people to focus On Me. I began doing radio interviews. More videos, Bigger shows. We began to Spend money on promotion and invest when we could. People were now looking at #FGM Destinee Lynn 

•2016 I took my talents to the next level releasing my album Chasing Destinee. I went to the best studios to record and Invested more money than I ever had in my music career winning two trophies for best female artist on the grind 2 years straight. My music videos and my entire brand had been taken to a bigger level. I was doing live radio interviews in the studios. Traveling in an out of states city to city On my chasing Destinee tour. I was Now the talk of my city. I had huge support in London U.K when I became the face of there label w/ my singles deal . For my song outta time. Although I had huge support outside the country. I began to gain a bigger fanbase everywhere. I recently linked up with MASI DA TEAM A group of individuals who decided to come together an Tour create great music and put the city on together. Forever "MASI DA TEAM. We traveled everywhere together An gained a huge fanbase through out the city, with music video our own tour bus etc. Much support from "tony Neal" The core DJ's as well as the block club DJ's an I have huge support Through Out the DJ's worldwide. Now gaining more radio spins .. more recognition. I was beginning the start of a new Chapter in my music. 

•Jan 2017 I had linked up w/ My Business Partner/Investor And we Took Fantasy Girl Musik To new Heights Opening Fantasy Girl Musik LLC. Bringing DJ luke nasty to MILWAUKEE at club 618 Also Recorded my new Single "FALLEN" feat DJ Luke nasty Which has already made blog Placement an #1 on reverberation. Staying consistent w/ the music videos. The shows & Recording at the best studios. I was featured artist on indie All star tour working with rob Terell & wealth nation . 

  • April 2018 I released (2) new singles "Trust Nobody & "Party" both available on Itunes. I'm working on releasing a new 8 song EP that has yet to be titled. I'm also connecting with many different DJ Coalitions in hopes to spread my music throughout a broader demo-graph. Currently working with DJ NTouch A&R of Slip N Slide Records & DJ at Slip N Slide Dj's Coalition. The grind continues.....